Op-Ed – Is Rape Serious? – NYTimes.com

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Op-Ed Columnist – Is Rape Serious? – NYTimes.com.

This article really shocked me. I mean, I thought we had come further. You hear about the DNA testing, the collection of evidence, and just assume well, if that obstacle is crossed, then that’s half the battle.

I never imagined that the other half of the battle would be–apathy? indifference?–whatever it is that’s preventing the rape kits from being tested and investigated, oh, say, before the 10-year statute of limitations is expired.

Perhaps that was naive of me.

The image at the start of the article haunts me. After being violated in a deep and damaging way, a woman then must strip, so authorities can collect hairs and fibres and DNA. She gets examined with an ultraviolet light and photographed thoroughly in a process that takes four to six hours. In other words, this collection of evidence comprises a second violation of her boundaries and of herself. But this one is consensual (or at least semi-consensual–she may not have realised this would be the consequence of reporting the crime), in the wake of the trauma of rape, because she’s hoping it will make a difference–that it will help bring a crime to light and initiate prosecution of the perpetrator.

Instead, after all that, the evidence languishes and may never see the light of day. And the woman is violated a third time, when her trust in the system–her belief that she had some kind of recourse, as the victim of a violent crime–proves to be completely unfounded. A travesty indeed.


Cutest House EVER

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A Low Impact Woodland Home.

This guy in Wales built this place with his father in law. It’s meant to be environmentally friendly and leave a minimal carbon footprint. Beyond that, it’s also incredibly beautiful and dreamy, like one of those elfin homes in a children’s book, or of course, a hobbit home in the Shire. I expect it’s about the cutest, coziest, most appealing house I’ve ever seen…

… except maybe for the other lovely houses he links to at these other locations!

911 Writers Block

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911 Writers Block

This is kind of a fun little website. Don’t know if it would work for me, except possibly in the planning stages, but it’s basically a little telephone console, and the sidebar instructs you to “Punch a Key to Break the Block”. The writing prompts and ideas fall into a list of different categories:

Dial 1 for Settings

Dial 2 for Characters

Dial 3 for Dramatic Entrances

Dial 4 for Dialogue

Dial 5 to Commiserate

Dial 6 for Verbs

Dial 7 for Calisthenics

Dial 8 to Kill a Character

Dial 9 for Endings

Dial 0 for More Help

“Dramatic entrances” is intriguing. 😀 At any rate, if you’re really stuck, something like this could well be worth a try. If this whole planning ahead experience (which thus far has been really positive and fun for me!) works out, then I suspect I’d have recourse to something like this during the planning stages. By the time I actually started writing, I’d hopefully have ironed things out enough that this wouldn’t be necessary.

On the other hand, I ended up inserting a bit of a revelation in my scene a couple of days ago that came much earlier than I planned. I knew it was the right time for it, but it does mess things up rather nicely. I’ve got to shuffle around and rework the next couple of scenes to get things back on track. I suspect they’ll get there–I have a few ideas floating around for what and how to shuffle my stuff. But, such surprises aren’t altogether eliminated from writing, even with a ton of planning ahead of time. And I think they’re important. Sometimes the story shapes in a new way, and action gets switched around from the original plan–and it’s all to the good. Forcing it the other way in such cases often just results in stiffer, more stilted prose.


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Welcome all comers! Here I am, all moved in, at least nominally so. I am still setting things up and getting everything going. I think I’ll probably be changing the look sometime in the next few days. But for now, here I am! I miss my custom design, but the theory is that I may post more frequently with a blog setup that’s better integrated. It even has an ipod/iphone app, if I should spot some useful little bit of marginalia that just cannot wait.

So, here’s hoping for an auspicious new blog locale! Hope to see you here often!

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